How can I increase map widget device limit to more than 100

The devices shown on the map are limited to 100 and are displayed with a popup. How do I set this limit to more than 100 ?



Hi @brkngcn,

please consider upgrading to the latest Cockpit version, as this added clustering to the map widget which allows to display all devices on the map.

If you want to stick with your current version, there is an mapWidgetPageSize ApplicationOption. This allows you to increase the number of devices to up to 2000. You could set this option either via a custom build of your application or via branding.


I had to set the mapWidgetHideMaxDeviceOnMapHint value to true, this way I could reach the solution. thanks

"mapWidgetPageSize": 2000,
"mapWidgetHideMaxDeviceOnMapHint": true,
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