How can I get webMethods Adapter Development Kit(ADK)?


I have installed webmethod6.5, and want to develop Adapter, but only found a package “wmSampleAdapter” after installed, how can I got the “full version” of webMethods Adapter Development Kit(ADK)? Help me…:confused:

The ADK is installable using the webMethods Installer. It is a separately selectable component.

Thank you, reamon.

Now that you know where to get it, I’d offer that it is highly probably that you don’t need it. While it is possible that creating a “real” adapter is the right thing to do, it is far more likely that within a typical installation that out of the box connectivity approaches are more appropriate. Do not underestimate the effort needed to create a “proper” adapter using the ADK.

Thank you for your advise, reamon. But our team leader want to try.:p:

No worries. Let us know how it goes!

Yeah,research is interesting