How can I get the return of ""

In my java Service, I use “Service.doInvoke(“”, “invoke”, Service.getSession(), pipeline)” to call a RFC Function named “RFC_FUNCTION_SEARCH”. I can see the result “FUNCTIONS” in the Developer, but I don’t konw how to get the result in my code. Can any body help. I use webMethods 6.1 and SAP Adapter 4.6. I have readed the webMethods SAP Adapter User’s Guide, in page 41 of that document, it write Using Optional Tables in Outbound Maps, but I don’t konw what the Optional Tables is and how to use it. I am newer , thanks for you help!

Why are you calling this from a Java service?

I am studying webMethods, I do this follow by the SAP Adapter User’s Guide. Help me, thanks a lot.

You might try this by invoking the service from a FLOW step instead of from Java first. That way you can get comfortable with what the service does and get that working rather than worrying about the Java details. After that, then you might dive in to doing using a Java service.

thanks a lot. I have saved this problem.