How can I get Result value from an Configured Operation

Enterprise Integrator.
SQL ODBC Adapter 4.1.1
Logger Adapter 4.1.1

How can I get the result value after performing any Insert/Update/Delete operation as the confirmation.
I even checked the java script code but couldnt find.
I am using Logger Adapter but still I want to get confirmation.

I searched every related document to find this problem but couldnt find.

Any tips are welcome.

Hi, Anil.

What result value are you looking for, specifically? Are you trying to gauge if your database action was successful or not? Are you taking an action based on a specific code?

I want to better understand you question so you can get the best possible answer.


Hi Dan,
I want an integer result value like 1 or 0 that confirms successful/unsuccessful statement execution.
If possible no. of rows affected in the case of Update Operation.