How can i get Dependents and References

Hi people, can someone help me for get Dependents and References of services and documents of a package, i need do that in a flow or java service. I hope you can help me, thanks.

Select the respective flow/java service and from the context menu select the Find Dependents/references. It will list you out the elements for it.

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i know that in the context menu i can see the dependets and reference, but i need do that in a flow or java services, is there any service that do this task?

thanks for you help

I found in the package WmRoot two services in NS folder, thx anyway


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Is it possible to do this not using wmRoot package?

I can’t activate this package here.


Hi Luis,

there is an extended setting in IS, which controls whether the WmRoot package is visible in Designer or not.
When this setting is true the package is hidden (the default) and when this setting is false the package is visible.

The package is always activated as this contains the basic core services for IS.

Please note to use these services very carefully as they are neither documented nor supported for direct use by standarded support.


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