How can I create KPIs for more than 8 hours?

Hi all,

I would like to define KPIs where the collection time is more than 8 hours.
The reason is to create a rule, that should be fired when the number of reported incidences in one day is more than 100.
So, I need to create a KPI for the number of reported incidences in one day. Then, I will create a rule for this KPI.
When the rule is violated, then it will appear in MWS console, in the Problems option.

But what I have seen is that KPI cannot be defined for a period bigger than 8 hours. Besides, there are a limited set of periods. Is it possible to extend these periods?

Thank you in advance,

Is it possible to have the data pass through the Integration Server so that you can accumulate the number of daily incidents and then send the daily accumulation value to Optimize? You could then define a KPI that records the Last Value (and the interval time wouldn’t matter). You could then define a rule that violated when that KPI value exceeded your threshold.