How can I clear my triggers' Volatile Queue ?

Hi all,

I summarize what I am doing: I have a triggers with “Document Processing” set to “No”. I publish documents until the trigger’s Volatile Queue is full. Then, I go to My WebMethods in order to clear my client’s queue.
When I activate Document Processing for my triggers, it execute the right service with the documents in the volatile queue. I got also acknowledgement errors.
I don’t want my triggers to execute the service with those documents.
Is it possible?
Is there any way to do this otherwise?

Thank you in advance.


Set a time-to-live value on the publishable document type. That way if they’ve sat in any queue for too long, they will be discarded.

Thank you reamon for your answer. So, that was for discarding documents from broker. What about documents in the Volatile Queue of my triggers?

I don’t think the TTL is considered by the dispatcher but you might check with wM support to find out for sure.

In any case, you can avoid having stale elements in the trigger queue by never using “Document Processing” set to No. Only set “Document Retrieval” to No. That way, the trigger queue is always drained just shortly after you’ve suspended retrieval. And stale documents will be discarded when retrieval is resumed.