How an asp can call webmethods service

hi. currently an asp page is invoking my webMethods service.
say the URL that i gave them is this:

http://<ipaddress> :<portnumber>/invoke/package.folder.subFolder:serviceName

how can i get them to pass URL, XML String, userID & password in 1 single URL to our webMethods service?

is there a standard way that webmethods does this?


If I were to do that, I would create a html form in my asp page with hidden user/password fields and hidden/visible XML input fields and action as your URL, and use POST method to get the response.

However if you want to create a link then you could use the following URL:

http://<user>:<password>@<hostip>:<hostport>/invoke/folder.subfolder:service?input1="<xml …"&input2=junk etc


We are also searching for a sample code on invoking webmethods flow service from ASP (Http POST). It is highly appreciated, if some one helps us with sample code.