How Adapter communicates with the Broker(Techniacal Detail)

Hi TechGurus,
Can you please share few words, about
HOW a adapter communicates with a Broker,
also Broker to Broker communication in WebMethods.
Weather it uses kind of JMS techonology.



Adapter-Broker and Broker-Broker communication is via sockets. Plain sockets and secure sockets (SSL). Once the socket is established there is a protocol of events (documents) to establish the proper communications.

Nothing mysterious. Broker Server is listening on a port. Adapter initiates a socket on the port, on the host the server is running on. The socket is established so the Adapter and Broker can interact. Both watch for the socket dying (if the other side goes). The Adapter will attempt a reconnect - this logic is available in the API. The Broker does the cleanup, and will re-establish the socket when requested.

This knowledge is rarely needed. Strongly suggest doing little or nothing dependent on this knowledge. No reason the newer architectures may not change the technology dependence.

Mark Thomsen
Alodar Systems, Inc.

Could some one elaborate on when and under what conditions a document read off the broker queue is ACKed and then deleted from the queue. Does this happen when the Integration completes? What happens to exceptions not handled in the Integration, does the document stay on the queue?. Where can one find in print how this works?
Does Adapter multy get reads work in the same fashion when deleting items from the queue.

All client groups that these questions apply to are Guarnteed storage with explicit destroy.