How 2 search within packages


Does anybody know if there is a way to search a string within all elements of a package ? I’m using webmethod 6.0.1, and the Edit/Find action (in the menu) is only searching on the elements names, not on their content.
Put in other words : i would like to find out which services call a given service. Any trick ?



To find out which services call a given service, right-click on the called one and select “Find Dependents”


damn i missed that - thanks anyway !

as a matter a fact i’m still wondering if there’s a way to full text search within packages - say you’ve coded some ‘TEST’ field value in services, is there any way to list in one go all the services containing this value ? What about a name of a variable ?

at the OS level under <is_home>/packages/<yourpackage>/ns use a find (for unix) or windows search

fine - thanks !