Hourly slow down

Hi All,

We have been experiencing some weird thing going lately, all the adapters (local to the broker and remote as well) slow down (or pause, take long time to process documents, similar wording). And this slow down occurs on an hourly basis. These adapters use different brokers and these brokers belong to different broker servers (v5 btw). When this slow down happens, CPU is about 50% utilized, mem is about 50% constant, no swapping, not much IO. The only common resource that these local/remote adapters use is the brokers. No hourly batch, no hourly schedule task. This slow down always happens around the top of the hour, during heavy load, during light load. No error from all tracing/monitoring. I have run out of things which I could explain this hourly slow down, so does the vendor, wM. Did anyone experience something like this before? I have worked with this thing for 4 years now and I have not seen this hourly slow down “phenomenon”.

Hi Leo,

The first question is what version of webmethods and what JVM version are you using.

I’ve heard WM say only one broker to a server, not sure if this applies to you.

The other thing that comes to mind is garbage collection. This could cause some of the issues you describe.

Jim Palmer

Hi Leo, I agree with Jim…can you please give us some more details on your Enterprise Server/broker environment ? Number of brokers per logical Enterprise Server ? Are you using Territories, Gateways, etc ??? Guaranteed msg store size ? Etc… The more info the better. We can’t promise any solutions but we’ll try to help…



More info always help. We are using V501 running on a 4 ways 8G sunfire 880 server cluster. We have configured 3 broker servers (1,1,4 brokers per server and 1G per server storage) and they all have gateways/terroritories defined between them. These adapters are running on jvm130 (sun for sun and ibm for aix). 20 adapters on the sun server and 9 adapters on the aix server.

I am kinda ruling out of garbage collection because this slow down happens on a remote adapter box as well at the same time(AIX). I am always ruling out volume related issue since we saw this happened during light load.

Feel free to let me know if more info is needed. I am opened for any wild ideas. I have already engaged both Sun and wM in this as well and it is nice to see they do not have a clue right now.