Histogram using a superdescriptor with periodic group fields

Hi all,

I need to run a Histogram on an Adabas file using a Superdescriptor containing elements from a periodic group. The file looks something like this

1 Order-Record
2 Field-A
2 Field-B
2 Field-C
2 Item-Record (1:99)
3 Field-1
3 Field-2
3 Field-3

I’m using a superdescriptor made up of Field-C, Field-1, Field-2. If I use PEEK to histogram on this superdescriptor I get a number returned for each record that matches on my key which is fine. However, if I try and code a Histogram in a program to run on the same file the compilation fails with Index entry missing or invalid for an array.

Does anyone know a way around this?

Can we see the HISTOGRAM statement, and the View with the super.


Enter GEN on Peek’s command line, then compare his code to yours.

Maybe “Knowledge Center - Technical Tip Document ID: 553551” is applicable.