Hide/Show portlet dynamically

Hi ,

How do i hide and show portlet dynamically.What i mean by dynamically is to show and hide a portlet based on some variable which is set from another portlet through wiring or by other means.I dont want to do this at the client /UI.I want to have this logic excuted in the server.


You can use the PortletInclude control (http://www.ajax-softwareag.com/articles/N7M0TP/DesignerOnlineHelp/caf_portlet_include.html) to display one portlet inside the other (just make sure the inner portlet, if it contains a form, is not inside the outer portlet’s form). Put the PortletInclude control inside of a BlockPanel control, and use the BlockPanel control’s “rendered” property to determine whether to display the BlockPanel’s content or not (true to show, false to not hide).