Hide a Java source

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Can any body tell me how to Hide a java source code in the Developer/Intergrator.

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If you delete the .java source and .frag file but leave class you will not see source. This will hide the source. frag file is
showing source its using wm frag util.

Hi Igor,

Thx… even if we delete .frag file alone without deleting the .java file …it works…it is because the .frag file stores the information about .java file and wm frag util invokes .frag file for displaying the source…that’s great…


In the IS 6.0 release there are List, Read and Write ACLs, so you can control access to services and record by other Developers and Users. They can see that they exist in the namespace (List), see the source (Read) and be able to change the source (Write) based on these ACLs.


If we remove the java.frag file from the service we can hide the source code. How to bring back the java.frag file so that source is available again.


Take a look at the docs for jcode. It accepts parameters that can generate the .frag files from the .java file.


Any one tell me how to hide the Share tab values in java services. My java source is already hidden. I need to hide the share tab values.


Hi All,
Can anyone tell me how to hide the “Shared” tab in a java service?
Or how to make the “Source” and “Shared” tab read only in any java service?
Thanks in Advance.