Hi,I want to ask some Oracle Adapter Informations

Hi,Everyone,I want to ask some Oracle Adapter Information.
In Discussion Forum,I often find there is a Oracle adapter called “Oracle Intelligent Adapters”.
Is it the difference with Oracle Application Adapter?
if so,Who can tell me what difference for them and how to get it,Because I am always interested in Webmethods and Oracle.
Thank you.

Oracle Applications Adapter and Oracle Intelligent Adapters are 2 different Adapters.
Oracle Applications is the IS Adapter. It is a database Adapter but it provides all the predefined transactions (Oracle Application Transactions). That means we provide the open interface table names, concurrent process stored procdeures, error checking routing. This adapter provides the capability to get the real time data notifications from Oracle Apps to the IS.
On the other side, we have the Oracle Intelligent Adapter- which is also a database Adapter but It is an Enterprise Adapter. There is no knowledge of OracleApps provided in this adpater. One can think of it as a pure Oracle Database Adapter.


So glad and thank you for receiving your reply.Via your explanation,I finally know this situation. Please let me thank again.

But can you tell me how to download “Oracle Intelligent Adapters”. I found there is no this adapter in Webmethods’s website.

I want to compare with two difference adapters.

Thank you in advance.

Hi there, you should be able to download it from the 6.0.1 or the 4.6 section.

I have downloaded 4.6 IS from Webmethos website,
But I only found two Adapters at the time of installing.
One is Database Adapter, The other is EJB Adapter.
You mean whether it equals Database Adapter for Oracle Intelligent Adapter?
If not,Can you give me the particular description?
So thank you for your endless help.

Would you like to give me your E-Mail address,I want to get in touch with you via E-Mail.My E-Mail Address is “yk_liutao@hotmail.com”.

No no, It is not part of the Integration Server 4.6 package.