Hi Everybody

Hi All
I am a new member of this group. I am basically working as a Resource Manager with one of the Duabi based organization and focusing on IT area only, most of the times there are several postions open with us on Tibco. My objective of joining this group is simple, it is to share the information with all of the group members.


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Mohammed Rizwan Ahmed
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Welcome to wMUsers, Rizwan!

Hi all,

      I am new member of this group. I am working as an EAi const.. I joined in this group , because to share an get more information.

Good morning all,

                 I need some information on EAI, Webmethods. Plz send me

Welcome to wMusers!!!

Do a google you should find it for EAI…

Here you go…advantage.webmethods.com(Access required),webmethods.com(check for whitepapers) gives more info regarding EAI,webMethods & its family of products


Hi everybody this is chandra sekhar.I am new to this wmusers group.I would like to share the knowledge in webmethods

which architecture fallows webmethods ?