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Hello all,
I’m using Oracle database (Oracle8i, v8.
I have a JDBC Adapter set up to add record into a table (with a CLOB field).
For the CLOB field in the adapter service, I set input type as String.
The JDBC adapter happily converts this string to CLOB when the record is added.
However, when the string gets very large, I consistently get error
[ART.117.4002] Adapter Runtime (Adapter Service): Unable to invoke adapter service …
[ADA.1.316] Cannot execute the SQL statement
“(17410) No more data to read from socket”
No more data to read from socket.
I’m using JDK is 1.4.2 and I use (provided by Oracle).
Any one has encountered this error before when trying to add into a CLOB field?
What are the possible workarounds?
I read that some people have to write a custom Java service to manually write the CLOB field.
But the problem is I don’t know how to get the DB connection to start with.

Hi Junable

What is your issue ? R u trying to connect to oracle database ?


It seems that some key words are preventing me from adding a thread so I have revised my original post.

In your JDBC adapter connection what is your driverType set to? thin or oci?

ex: Other Properties driverType=thin

Hi Junable

You should try OCI conncetion for CLOB and BLOB objects as Jgray says.


It’s driverType=thin. I’ll use oci. Thanks.