Help Using wM6 Monitor to monitor both ES5 and Broker 6

I am configuring via BrokerAdmin to manage auditing log of a mixed environment (ES5 and Broker 6.0). In this case, I keep 4.x adapter attached to ES5, and want to create a trigger for the 4.x processLog document on the IS 6 that executes a no-op service. This ensures that the processLog docs are forwarded to the Broker 6 connected to the IS6.
Then turn broker logging on for Broker 6 and set IntegrationServer Client Group to log Ack types = Adapter::processlog.

I am not sure how to reference the 4.x processlog document in the trigger. Do I need to create the document type in Developer physically (in this case, how to associate it with ES5)? or is there any other way to reference this document type?

Thanks a lot.