Help required regarding SOAP-MSG Protocol


I am working on SAP BC 4.6.
I am trying to generate a WSDL for a service.
Could any one give an example for the generation of WSDL using SOAP-MSG protocol.
I would also like to know how should be the document type or record look which is given for input and output during the generation of WSDL.

Thanks in advance,
Darshan A N


Search in this forum for posts about WSDL generation from Developer. The tricks are to build document types that hold the input and output documents of your web service.

If my input message is named CreateOrderRequest and its structure is contained in a document type called, I would create another document type called that contained a single document type reference named “CreateOrderRequest” that referred to the document type. Be sure to specify an XML namespace for the CreateOrderRequest document reference.

When you generate your WSDL specify as the input document and something similar for the output document.




I am still struggling to create proper input and output records for the WSDL Generation.
My namescape is http://localhost/Test/ and localname is testSoapmsg
I have 2 input variables(ink,copies) and one output variable(cost) required for the flow service testSoapmsg.
I have my input record in following manner
output record in following manner
Is this proper.

Is there a difference between document type and record because SAP BC doesn’t have document type.

I get the below error if i try import the WSDL generated from the testSoapmsg service.

WSDL code: SERV-9043
[B2BSERV.0092.9043] Schema Error: 1
pathName: null

errorCode: CONV-004

errorMessage: [B2BCORE.0082.9104] string#[url][/url] - unable to locate the root element

identifier: null
Operation: testSoapmsg
WSDL code: SERV-9032
[B2BSERV.0092.9032] Error: Invalid schema definition for Input signature. Web Service Connector was not created.

Please advise.

Darshan A N