Help Required regarding portlets in CAF

Hi, I have been working on CAF and BPMS in webmethods for the last couple of months, well as i noticed in CAF webmethods CAF generates very beautiful and really impressive UI via portlets. But i have a question here CAF do not shows you anything except a *.view file and some source code for managed beans. But i want to generate some content on my portlet via some service either a flow service or pure java service etc… but how do i do that ? i cant access the JSPs as CAF generates JSF and later on jsp–> html via JSF engine using view files. ?

SO question is very simple how can i render my own (simple html)controls ?
Any idea? and response will be appreciable?

Hi mrtahiraziz-
Were you able to figure out how to embed HTML in CAF? I am trying to figure out how to do the exact same thing. Thanks alot!