help on io adapter

I need to write something to a file on a unix box.
Can someone tell me how to use an io adapter to do so? I have configured an io adapter, but not sure what to do with it. On the IO options of Adapter Properties, there is a working/completion directory. What should I provide here? Do I need to provide a hostname in front of a file path(say I have the configuration tool installed on my pc and I want a file to be dumped to a remote unix box)? Is there any docs I can find about how to use those File Write/Read/Poll templates?

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Ideally you would install the IO adapter on the Unix box you intend writing to. The working/ completion directories are used for FilePoll operations - the file is picked up out of the directory you specify, moved to the working directory where it is actioned on, and dumped in the completion directory.

Take a look at the IO adapter user guide - it has fairly good explanations on how to use it - typically found in \doc\fileio, otherwise available from the bookshelf on this site.

You’d typically use a FilePoll operation to poll a directory for a file, and e.g. delimited input to action on the file. For writing the file, you’d use a FileWrite operation.