Help Needed in Monitoring a file

Hi All,

I have been asked to write a service to monitor the file
BrokerData.qs.stor, which is in a different machine from IS. Is there any utility to check the size of the file. and throw a mail if the utelization grew more than 85%.

Recently we faced some issue as the size utelization rose to 98% and we did not able to publish any document.


Hi Sasanka,
We can write java service to retrive the broker data and config storage utilization percentage. Go thru the broker java api. Some of the classes
which are useful are BrokerServerClient,BrokerEvent and methods getStructSeqFieldAsEvents(),getStorageStats(). Import COM.activesw.api.client.*


Sounds irrelevant but if you do have an option to change the file size .You can do it