Help needed for enabling SNC & integrating with SAP ABAP

hi webMethods experts, I’m looking for prerequisites and what steps we have to follow on webMethods side to enable SNC and what we have to give to SAP team. Please direct me if there is any document available

Hu Murali,

please check the SAP Adapter Users Guide for further informations.

You will have to check with your SAP Partner which SNC Lib to use (SAP itself provides the CryptoLib, but sometimes your SAP partner might have created its own version). Your SAP Partner should be able to provide you the Lib and the neccessary parameters for the configuration.

Additionally you will require the SAP JCo Libraries from the SAP Marketplace matching your OS version.
Your SAP Partner should be able to request an account for the Marketplace so you can download the libs by yourself, or they should download and send them to you.

Which version of SAP Adapter are currently using?
7.1 or 10.1?
Any Fixes applied to the Adapter?



Thanks for your reply. We are using 10.1, without SNC connection to SAP is working fine. When we enable SAP not able to connect to webMethods. Do we have to use any SNC related libraries on webMethods side and what do we give SNC Name in parameters ?, do we have to any procedure to create SNC name ?

Hi Murali,

The SAP Cryptographic Library installation package is available for authorized customers on the SAP Service Marketplace at Software Downloads.

I as attaching a document which explains the configuration required at webMethods end.How_To_Enable_SNC_Feature_In_SAP_Adapter.docx (256.2 KB)


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Hi Anurag,

thanks for sharing the documentation.
Looks like this was written for older versions of wM (9.5 and before).
From wM 9.6 onwards the real runtime directories of the IS are now located under /opt/wm/IntegrationServer/instances/default/lib.
Replace “default” with the correct name of your IS instance.

Remember to grant execute rights to the crypto lib under the lib directory as well as to the lib in the same directory.

As the SAP Team in my company has created its own SNC implementation (without using the crypto lib, at least not directly) the documentation is not fully applicable to our environments.


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Thanks Anurag.

Hi Holger,

Do you know how was it done without using cryptolib ?. i’m understanding in that case we dont have to exchange the certificates (PSE) between SAP and wM? . I would like to know how it was done at your end.

Hi Murali,

as pointed out this is an internal implementation in my company (developed by our SAP specialists).
They called it “T-Secure V2” and it is based on some license service daemon.
Each Partner System involved in SNC communication with SAP systems has its own SNC subject similar to the one shown above. The daemon requires a license file based on the hostids of the systems on which we will be using SNC-SAP-Connectivity.
As fas as I understood this license daemon is replacing the PSE functionality of the SAP crypto lib by providing its own crypto lib following the API of SAP SNC.

You will have to check with your SAP Basis Administrators how they want SNC to be configured at their end and on which cryptolib they want to do this.


Thanks Holger, I really appreciate your help