Help applied fix and now awbrokermon not starting awbroker

Hi Everyone -

We just recently upgraded to webMethods 7.1.2 and were having some broker corruption problems with the data files. I applied core fix 5 and now awbrokermon.exe will start but it no longer starts the awbroker. I get this message:
Sun Jan 03 10:29:10 2010, line:5626, msg:CORRUPT(QS-14) line:5626
Sun Jan 03 10:29:10 2010, line:5339, msg:CORRUPT(QS-14) line:5339
Sun Jan 03 10:29:10 2010, line:407, msg:1102: QS (-14) CORRUPT(QS-14) line:5339

which was what we were trying to resolve. In the past we have been able to delete the 3 brokerdata.qs files and they recreate but since awbrokermon doesn’t seem to be tied to awbroker its not working. I tried restoring all the files I had backed up before hand but nothing.

Any ideas?