Hi -

My name is Jen, I’m a newbie webMethods developer. I was in ETL for many years, then data modeling, and recently accepted a webMethods developer position after getting interested in services when as a modeler we created XML schema documents/mappings. I tend to get bored every few years so I like to move around technology-wise in IT.

Other than IT I like to knit, read, play bass guitar, act in/work on/see live theater, watch movies/tv shows, play video games, learn new things, and more.

I’m in absorption and learning mode right now so I will likely lurk for a long time! Thank you to everyone who shares their questions and knowledge here.

hello to you to and enjoy, the webMethods path is an interesting journey that you will be very occupied with for many years to come!

welcome to wMUsers! …Jen

You know where to find me, just a couple of cubes away!!