Health check service for broker

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I am writing the health check services. I was wondering whether anybody know about a webmethods built in service which can check whether the broker is running or not. or is there any way to find it.

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Not directly with an IS built in service.

However… you could accomplish the same general thing by creating a simple ‘ping’ trigger service, and then do a publish and wait to it.

This assumes you want to use an IS service as the way to check up on the Broker.

You could check broker health by using Broker Server and Broker Command Line

Use ‘broker_ping’ command to send system ping documents through a Broker. If the document passes through the Broker Server and returns to broker_ping, a positive message is printed.

Use ‘broker_status’ command displays statistics from the command line for a specific Broker. The statistics displayed include Broker status, document delivery statistics, and client statistics.


Hi Bob,
Regarding Broker Health check service, you may be able to use services in WmRoot or WmBrokerAdmin package in v6.x;


Let us know if you need any help. Do remember that these services are core webM services and are subject to change without notice. Use at your own risk.