Have you ever tried process mining yourself? It's easier than you would expect

Process Mining has been probably the biggest evolution in the area of Business Process Management (BPM) over the last decade. In fact, through data-driven analysis, process mining allows organizations to get insights from their real operations better than ever before. But only less than 10% of all companies have advanced insight driven-practices implemented yet.

Since Software AG launched its popular process mining tool ARIS Process Mining in the cloud, it has never been easier for companies to understand and resolve process bottlenecks and inefficiencies so that their organization works more efficiently. And it’s even easier than ever: users can do their own process mining analysis without running a complex project and involving various stakeholders like their IT department. With the so-called self-service applications, managers can overcome the challenge of reducing costs and improving operations and customer experience at the same time.

ARIS Process Mining lets process mining users understand their processes and their dependencies to find opportunities for improvement. It allows to compare designed processes to as-is processes to see, if they execute as planned. At the same time it can be checked, if process adoption is working as it should to increase efficiency, reduce operational costs and become process compliant.

Start now with ARIS Process Mining and try it out yourself. It’s free.