HashMap in Portlet

Hi all,

Can anyone suggest me how to display a hashMap in a portlet page?

Do we need to create a hashmap in the bindings view along with the corresponding keys?


It depends on how you want to display the data. If you want to display them in a dropdown list (or any other control that takes a series of options) I’d recommend looking at the Core Controls Sample (http://communities.softwareag.com/ecosystem/communities/public/Developer/webmethods/tutorials/CAF/CAF_Samples_for_webMethods_7.1.1/MywebM_Samples_index.html). There is a view dedicated to different uses of the drop down control including an example that binds a map to an option group.

If you know the keys in advance, then you can manually add a key to the map (in the bindings view) and drop the ‘key’ onto the canvas. That will result in a binding expression that will display the current value of the key as well.


Mimel! Thank You…That was a very useful reply