Had to bounce a trigger

Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem before… We are running WM 6.1 on a clustered IS environment and utilizing TN for IB/OB EDI documents. For some reason the inbound documents were queuing up on the broker. The transactions were coming into TN just fine and all services up to TN were fine. But then it seems the services after TN were hung and did not run which caused the documents to queue up on the broker. We bounced the trigger and the broker cleared itself. But the transactions were lost. I had to reprocess from TN and the documents made it to the back-end database. Does anyone know why this type of issue happens? Is there another way to resolve issues like this?

Please tell us what is that you are doing to handle an inbound EDI document, are you mapping it to a canonical and publishing hte same after you receive document inTN, or you using a PRT to kick off a model. Remember when a trigger property is serial, and the service which is called invoked by trigger does not complete its execution, the broker queue wil build up, just see what is the problem in your subscription service. If possible try to make the trigger parallel to improve performance (ofcourse only if fucntionlaity demands).

Thank you pradeep_kumar for responding. We are using a canonical and pulishing the docs. We are not having problems with the
subscription service
it’s just the trigger…it seems to lock up sometimes and we have to bounce it. But the strange thing is that the docs on the broker ,after the trigger bounce, was gone. I thought if docs queued up on the broker and once it was re-stored you wouldn’t lose the docs?