Guidelines for Broker 6.5 max-memory-size parameter?

Hi all. I have been searching for information on Broker 6.5, specifically guidelines on a method to calculate a good size for the max-memory-size parameter. Our test system Broker is regularly consuming gigabytes of memory, and this needs to be reigned in.

I found a formula in the 7.1 Broker Admin Guide. The 6.5 and 6.1 Broker Admin Guides don’t have any information about this setting. Does the information on pgs 64-68 of the 7-1_Broker_Administrators_Guide.pdf document also apply to Broker 6.5?

If it doesn’t apply, could someone please point me toward a good guideline for this parameter setting? Thanks!

although there will be differences in the internal mechanics, from my experience the settings for 7.1 should be a good starting point for your efforts.

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