Guide to install Merant SL Server 5.2

Hi all,

I’m looking for a txt file published by webMethods that is describing the installation on Merant DataDirect SequeLink server.

The name of the file should be something like sl5x_oracle…_howto.txt
Does someone know where I can find it?



Sorin, these documents can be found at the webMethods Product Downloads page. For example, when I go to the Product Download page it shows me “DataDirect: Sequelink Server” and if I select this link I see links for “DataDirect: SequeLink Server - v5.1” (and v5.2 and v5.3). Selecting one of these links will give me all the documentation for the version of Sequelink.
If you do not see “DataDirect: Sequelink Server” on your download page, send an email to the webMethods Keymaster ( They should be able to add it to the list on your download page.