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Hi All,
I am facing a very strange problem.
One fine morning, due to the high traffic of the messages over my network, My webmethods servers’ GD stopped working.
All the messages stopped flowing through the server, they got stuck only on the server, there was no outbound message from the server.
Server logs also doesnt’ say anything about this.
Server is running, everything seems to be fine, but messages are not flowing through.
Then I restarted the server, its started working.
Pls somebody tell me , what could be the problem, as I faces this problem three-four times.

Are you using any cutomized db connections? if so, please make sure they are been free. “hanging” of service normally cause by waiting for connection of some sort.


It did not leave any trace behind.
What could be the possible reasons to bring GD manager down
Pls suggest.

If its “hanging”, of couse it will not leave any trace behind in IS. What you can do to see wether or not IS was hanging because of

  1. tread - from IS web admin check treat number
  2. db connection - from OS level check your DB connection
  3. service looping - from IS web admin check service usage count number of (n)s

Hope you find out the bottom of this.

Did you find a solution to this Ashutosh?