GraphQL support and Working with GraphQL Descriptors in IS 10.4

Hi All,

I have published the “how-to” article on GraphQL support and Working with GraphQL Descriptors in IS 10.4, refer the below link:

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A Big Kudos :)-

It very much helps the newbie’s on the new GraphQL concepts/use-cases wise.


Thanks RMG for your comments, will keep posting articles if SAG comes with new features in the coming product releases.

Hi Mahesh,

Could you please let us know if there is any way to implement GraphQL functionalities in below 10.4 IS Version as we could understand GraphQL descriptor is available only in 10.4 Version.

Please suggest.



Not sure if you can implement using a custom java class but it needs lot of RnD around it, check with SAG if they have any plans to backport this feature in any of 10.x versions, kindly post the response.

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This feature is added in 10.4 and there is no plans to backport to earlier versions. Right now there is no any other way in IS to implement graphql, may be you can check graphql-java and explore how it can be used in your project.


Thanks for the official confirmation.

It would be really nice if the latest features are backported to stable current release (if that is feasible) as SAG provides frequeuent product updates twice a year and the customer are forced to upgrade to leverage new feature/technologies. This is my understanding and point of view.