Glue client consuming ISgenerated WSDL not adding prefix

I created a doc literal web service in Integration Server, generated
a WSDL for it using Developer and tested it successfully with a web
services connector.

Using Eclipse 2.1x and the Glue Eclipse plugin, I created a new project and added a web reference to my WSDL (stored on the file system). All the classes and types were created as expected.

I added a test class with a main method that used the Glue-generated “helper” method to bind to the WSDL and invoke the correct method in my web service. I modified the helper class slightly to use a ProxyContext to specify the authentication information and to explicity set the style to “document”.

Using TCPmon (or the Glue soap logging), I can see that the correct soap message was generated, with the exception that there is no prefix (e.g. “xs:”) on the QName and no namespace associated with that prefix.

Since the default IS soap processor needs those two items to lookup the universal name, my service fails with a “[ISS.0088.9122] Service :<servicename> does not exist” error returned in a soap fault.

How do I tell Glue (either in my generated WSDL or explicitly) to use a namespace prefix?

BTW, my soap rpc equivalent of this doc lit web service works great.


Sample WSDL File
employeeActionRequest.wsdl (5.0 k)

The workaround to have Glue add the namespace prefix and qualification information is to make a small change to the WSDL file generated by Developer to add the attribute elementFormDefault = “qualified” following the “<xs:schema” tag of each schema to which you need the namespace information added.

The code that Glue generates from this WSDL is identical to that generated from a WSDL file without the elementFormDefault attribute. However, at runtime Glue adds the namespace information needed by the IS default soap processor to locate the service to be invoked.

The modified version of the employeeActionRequest is attached.

Thanks to Fred at webMethods for this workaround.


WSDL file containing elementFormDefault attribute workaround
employeeActionRequest_fixed.wsdl (5.0 k)

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