Global Variable substitution on a pipeline value

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Is there any way to extract the pipeline value(not the key variable) and assign global variable substitution on that value.

Key/value = globalvariable/testpassword

IS configured globalvariable key/value = testpassword/password

In the runtime I need to extract the value - testpassword as variable, and do global variable substitution on that to get the value - password.

ie- pipeline substitution on a variable A(key) and global substitution on the value of that variable A.


If I understood correctly, you can do all those things using the services in WmPublic/wm.server.globalvariables.

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Hi Gerardo,

Thanks for your response. As wm.server.globalvariables is of WMRoot package, we cannot completely rely on that.

I found the below solution for this–
I enabled the internal passwords access from IS to the Designer Flow service by setting to true, and used the to retrieve the Global variable password directly instead of globalVariable substitution.


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