Global Schedule Rule: Problem with task businss data


We are having a problem when updating task business data out of a global scheduled rule (MWS 8.2.1)

The task business data constist of 3 Strings (“field1”, “field2”, “field3”).

The rule is defined as follows:
#{currentTask.taskData.field1} = “xxxxxx”;

When a new Task with business data (eg. field1: “test1”, field2: “test2”, field3: “test3”) is queued and the scheduled event is fired afterwards, the business data seems to be overwritten (I can only see the value in ‘field1’ set in the rule’s result clause).

The screenshots attached show the state of the data after creation and after firing the scheduled rule.

I want to use a global scheduled rule (as this rule should apply for all of our task types and I want to define it on a single point)

Can someone help me in this case?

BR, tom