Getting to x-plorer properties

Is there a way to get the property information for a document by using one of the query methods? (I’m refering to the properties shown in x-plorer, date modified etc.)

I generally use xquery.

This works for me:

declare namespace tf=‘
for $a in input()/,
$doc in root($a)
<Item docid={tf:getInoId($doc)}


Hi Jean,
here an additional answer:
Tamino XQuery provides functions for retrieving document name, last modification date and ino: id of an instance. The following query lists all names, modification dates and ino:id of the documents in the given collection:

declare namespace tf=""

for $a in input()
return <instance name = {tf:getDocname($a)}
last-modified = {tf:getLastModified($a)}
id = {tf:getInoId($a)}/>

Thanks for the replies, just one more additional question.

Is it possible to search on lastModified using xquery and if it is, what are the performance implications if any? (I doubt that it’s possible to search but thought I might as well ask.)