getting problem in portlet having different views

hi all,

i have created prortlet and having four different views one.view,two.view,three.view,four.view, each view has back and next submit group buttons, after deploying to mws, i have assign the page to this portlet in mws admin folder’s in public folder, after open portlet in mws console i see the four.view page ,instead of one.view

in the faces-config.xml under navigation rule tab , i mentioned that portlet/*---->portlet/one.view—success–>two.view----success–>three.view—success–>four.view, in each view created the action with return return “success”;, if opn the portlet in the browser it is giving me the four.view initially, instead of first one.view

please tell where am doing wrong, help to to get one.view initially.

anil kumar ellendula

have a look in the portlet configuration (not the faces-config.xml). The portlet Init Param com.webmethods.caf.faces.portlet.INIT_VIEW should point to the view you want to show initially.

hope this helps,