Getting PDF as blank document in real-time email testing

Hi All,

When I’m sending email in real-time without having any attachment, it’s working perfectly fine.
but when I’m attaching a PDF with the mail, getting PDF in mail, but it’s displaying nothing in it.

suggestions are needed.


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Hi @Zainul_Abideen
From your question it is unclear which products are being used. Is there an email listener on the Integration Server ? Is there any other mechanism using API Gateway. Please provide more details about your usecase.

Pardon @Nagendra_Prasad I forgot to mention about the Integration Server.

I’m using pub.client:smtp service to send the mail and using external testing smtp client server for HOST PORT and all.

also parsing and converting pdf file from system and then sending the parsed mimeData to mail.


If a mimemessage without attachments is being received correctly, I would suggest that once the mimedata has been built, you can try verifying that the mimemessage has been built correctly , Please use Mime message guide for samples.