Getting package information from server

I am trying to retreive package information (version, published date, etc) from the server. There is a service, WmRoot.packages:packageInfo that does exactly what I want. However, I am unable to execute this file through a browser window since it resides in the WmRoot package. Anyone have any ideas?

Hello Brian,

you can run this url directly also

otherwise, you can test the service in WmRoot also.
Open the BC Server in the Browser
go to Packages->Management
Click on WmRoot
Click on Browse services in WmRoot

you can then test the service there !!!

Yes, the service can be ‘run’ directly from a browser window, and through the administrator, but when trying to display the results in the output template (time = %value time%), the results are null. I believe this is due to the ACL of the WMROOT services to be private (not administrator). I tried to see if I could find the code on the server to replicate it, but was not successful (and not really sure where or how to look).

I am really looking to display the package publish time on a web page for easy admin to the builds.

You could always read this information from the packages manifest.v3 and manifest.rel files using com.wm.util.IDataXMLCoder


If using any of the undocumented services, always note that the inputs, outputs or name could change with any release or it could be removed without a similar service available.

One way to protect yourself is to create your own wrapper service. You can control the name and the ACL. It can start as a simple wrapper to the wm.blah.blah:service service and if the service you are calling changes, you only have to change a single service’s implementation to get the application(s) to work again.


P.S. I do not think all package will have a publish time defined for them.

I am still unable to access these services externally. I am not sure what I can get from the maifest files that was suggested. They seem to contain some configuration information, but nothing about package information.

The service you try to execute to get package information is in WmRoot that shouold not be ACL porblem from any account with Admin group.
From what you show in your post its difficult to asses what is your problem exactly? Is it executing a service from DSP page or just display in the browser through use of DSP page? For web content it may be a simple issue of variable scope that you exec the service but in place you try to disply time = %value time% variable time is not in scope and therefore not visible so you get null. You also mentioned output template. Please elaborate on where you are using that. Is it a template for your own created service to display data?