Getting JVM error on UM server Restart

Hi All,

I have stopped UM server Using “nstopserver.bat” script as getting some pool error in UM console and enterprise manager was not able to snoop on specific object(IS document) as well trigger was not getting the document.
After that I have tried to bring back the server using “nserverdaemon.exe” script but have received the below error and process get exit.

[Sun Oct 11 19:53:35 IST 2015],Shutdown: Realm Server shutdown sequence interrupted after 10 seconds and process being forced to terminate
[Sun Oct 11 19:53:36 IST 2015],Server shutdown initiated due to JVM Exit Handler called

One thing to pint is that,server was getting processed with almost 100k records with trigger in concurrent mode.

Environment Settings…
Operating System Environment :
OS Name = Windows 8.1
OS Version = 6.3
OS Architecture = amd64
Available Processors = 4

Java Environment :
Java Vendor = Oracle Corporation
Java Vendor URL =
Java Version = 1.8.0_31
Java Vendor Name = Java HotSpot™ 64-Bit Server VM 1.8.0_31-b13
Memory Allocation = 981 MB
Memory Warning = 834 MB
Memory Emergency = 922 MB
Clock Adjustment = 0ms
Nanosecond delay = Supported

I have attached the full log where error and warning get captured ,but not able to get what is causing this error.

Baharul Islam

Attaching the log…

nirvana.log (150 KB)