Getting error in maven install

[ERROR] Error during callback
com.github.dockerjava.API.exception.InternalServerErrorException: Status 500: {“message”:“unsupported os linux”}

at com.github.dockerjava.core.DefaultInvocationBuilder.execute (
at com.github.dockerjava.core.DefaultInvocationBuilder.lambda$executeAndStream$1 (
at (

Process finished with exit code 130

Any ideas how to solve this error

Hi, can you elaborate more on the details please?
Are you using the Microservice Java SDK, which version? What is your OS? Any other helpful information :slight_smile:
Regards Kai

azul-11.0.18 version

Hello and good morning :slight_smile:

windows is not supported for microservices. Only Linux.



@vaibhavi_ghumare can you please share what you are actually trying to do?
Just install maven or build a microservice with the maven command?

build a microservice with the maven command

Ok, then @hgansmueller was right. Building microservices is not directly supported on Windows, as it requires docker to be installed.
In case you are able to install WSL, I would suggest this, and use docker within WSL.
Alternatively Docker Desktop can be used (which under the hood uses WSL as well).

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