Getting error in BPM wM8.2.1

I am working on webMethods 8.2.1 version, I have implemented sample BPM application. When I was trying to build and upload for execution iam getting the following error in designer.

at com.webMethods.process.metadatadeployer.ProcessAuditJDBCConnection$StatementCache.createStatement(
at com.webMethods.process.metadatadeployer.ProcessAuditJDBCConnection.generationRecordExists(

The same sample is working on different system. Please let know the solution.


It looks like the problem is related to process audit schema, when process is build and uploaded some data is writen in process audit tables like WMPROCESSDEFINITION, so check if schema is correctly created and that IS JDBC pools are correctly configured.

On Designer, go to Window > Preferences > Software AG > Process development > Process Audit Database and verify that “Use Integration Server JDBC pool parameters” is checked.

Hope this helps.


I am also facing a similar issue when i use the option mentioned above i get an error connection test failed . Please suggest what can be the possible cause of the problem.

Did you check/verified the above settings mentioned Kratos’s comments above?