Getting error "" while creating new package

Hi all,

I am getting the following error “” while creating new package, service name, locking any flow service. On other hand, I am getting other options like check in, check out, view history, VCS other than lock for edit, lock properties and unlock. I am currently using webMethods 8.0.

Thanks in advance,
Shriraksha A N

I trust VCS is configured for the IS. To confirm check in the WmVCS home page for configuration details.

You may need to add youself to the list of authorized users.

Thanks now it is working…:slight_smile:

Hi Sriraksha,

I am facing the same issue and in WmVCS home page for configuration details i have given my is name and for VCS parameters what are the things i need to give??please help me this.

I ran into the same issue. To fix it, I have to start IS through a Windows service account and allow this user access to VSS.