Getting Client IP via API-Gateway

Hello, is there any way that from the API Gateway, we can transfer the sender’s Client IP (IPv4) to the Flow Services? What do we need to put in the Policies? Thanks.

There’s an option to propagate header attributes, I think it’s in the routing policy.

@John_Carter4 Well, how do I do such ‘propagate header attributes’ in the routing policy? I’m kind of drawing blank in here after looking at the Routing form.

Ah, sorry it’s set via a global setting under Administration → General → Extended Settings


On the IS side, follow my comment to your other question. Just realised that you are one and the same. I think the original IP address will communicated via an X- custom attribute. Use a save/restore pipeline to check after launching an API request.

Hi Kristian, Apart from John’s suggestion above, Also you may need to utilize the pub.flow:getTransportInfo svc (check with restore pipeline during debugging) to view more of transport meta data on the header variables in the pipe.


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