Getting an error while creating the jms adapter service

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This is sudheer.I am new to Webmethods. When i am working with JmsAdapter in Webmehtods 8.2 i got the following error like"No templates exist for the selected item". Here I already configured the Providers,ConectionFactories,Destinations successfully in MWS.

please find the attached error image.

So please help me to get rid of these problem.

Thank you

in 8.2, JMS is part of the IS core Messaging offering already. You shouldn’t use JMSAdapter anymore.
config use:
Settings > Messaging > JMS Settings
and call services under:

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[/b]But in 8.2 how do we access predefined JMS services ?[b]


you create connection alias under:Settings > Messaging > JMS Settings

in pub.jms services, you just put the alias name.
What do you mean by “predefined”? If you are referring to JMS services created with JMS adapters, you need to migrate them. should be easy.


thanks for your reply,
While we are using the predefined service like "pub.jms:send " I am getting some error.

please find the attached error image.

The error is very specific to the JMS provider. not likely a WM side issue. Check the JMS server side to see if the client you are using have enough privilege to send message there.

Thanks for the text…

I configured JMS provider in MWS. I didnt find any privileges when I configured .
So could you please suggest me where can i provide JMS server side sufficient privileges to JMS provider ?


Can you have a look at the below links:

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Thanks for the valuable response, It was very useful to me.

I configured everything in MWS and also in Administator. Everything went well. And also I’m successfully able to send the messages into Topic.
But, How do i retrieve the messages which was sent to the topic ?

And also I’m trying to configure the JMS adapter notification. But, I’m encountering an error.

Please find the attached error screen shot.



As already pointed out, when it comes to JMS, stop thinking the adapter way. JMS, as the name states is a messaging service. When it comes to messaging, there are publishers and subscribers. Now, what you need is a subscriber and that is nothing but JMS trigger.


Hi Friends,

Thanks for valuable response,

actually i can able to send message to topic by using jms:send service but i’m unable to retrieve the message from the topic.

and coming to trigger side i configured these properties jms:trigger–>destinationName and destination
but i dont have idea about these properties jms:messageSelector and durableSubscriberName in jms trigger

plz suggest me…!!

@ Srini,

Is the issue resolved?

Did you check the SAG guide that talks about JMS trigger.