getACLInfo error in IS error logs.


We have 2 integration server on two different ports 4545(outbound) and 3535(Inbound).Both servers are on same machine and having common DB.
We are facing some strange issue that sometimes on 4545 server we get below errror appears in error log :
wm.server.ns:getACLInfo [ISS.0085.9055] Node ABCD_eeeeeee.schedulers:move_Filestemptopoll does not exist

but these service dont exist on 4545 server. service exists on 3535 server. how come these errors are coming on this server.If it comes on 3535 then it looks gud as these services are there. but randomly these errors come on 4545 for services which are not on 4545 server.

anyone has some idea why these wm.server.ns:getACLInfo [ISS.0085.9055] Node doesnt exist errors coming in error log. It comes randomly for any one service atleast once in a day.
Please let me know what is the reason behind this and how can we avoid it.

You should have the latest Core fix installed (in both 8.0 or 8.2 versions) that will resolve your issue… Below is the content from Fix readme…

[i]PIE-22651 (IS_8.2_SP2_Core_Fix3)
The Server > Scheduler page displays tasks for all servers that share the same ISInternal functional alias.

When multiple Integration Servers have their ISInternal JDBC Pools configured to use the same database, the Server > Scheduler page shows all tasks for all servers, even those tasks that will only run on other servers. To improve how Integration Server Administrator displays these scheduled tasks, new functionality is introduced with this fix.

When viewing scheduled tasks, you can now use the Hide Remote Tasks filter to view only the tasks that can run on the current server. This includes tasks that are targeted to run on all servers, any server, and the current server. Tasks that are targeted to run only on other servers are not displayed.

To use this filter, click Filter Services on the Server > Scheduler page, then select Hide Remote Tasks and click Submit.

When scheduling a task, you can now use the Target Node parameter to schedule a task for All Servers, Any Server, or the current Integration Server in a non-clustered or clustered environment. In a non-clustered environment, other servers that use the same ISInternal database are not listed as targets that you can select for the task. For clustered environments, the Target Node parameter behaves the same as and replaces the Cluster Target Node parameter. That is, it lists Any Server, All Servers, and each Integration Server in the cluster. You can schedule a task to run on any of these options. This parameter is available on the Server > Scheduler

Create Scheduled Task page.

Note that when filtering out tasks scheduled for other servers, Integration Server uses the value specified by the
watt.server.scheduler.logical.hostname parameter. If a value is not specified, the server uses the host name. If you change this value after creating tasks, filtering will not work consistently. To correct this, change the Target field on the existing tasks to match the value of the watt.server.scheduler.logical.hostname parameter.[/i]


Hi Senthil,
Thanks for help but IS Internal is different for both servers. IS core audit pool is common.On scheduler page i can see only those scheduler which belongs to that particuler server. Both server have different schedulers and IS internal pool is different for both only prob is that in error log getting error wm.server.ns:getACLInfo [ISS.0085.9055] Node ABCD_eeeeeee.schedulers:move_Filestemptopoll does not exist kind of errors for scheduler which is not on that server. Still not getting any clue for this. Please help.

Are you sure IS internal is different for both IS’s and can you alos check DB for the user tasks table and see what you see there regarding the service name?


Yes, i have checked.SID is different for both the servers.Please see below details

Alias Description: IS Internal Pool
Associated Driver Alias: DataDirect Connect JDBC Oracle Driver
Database URL: jdbc:wm:oracle://wmprd:1521;serviceName=wmsapprd
User Id :isinternal
Password *****

Alias Description :IS Internal Pool
Associated Driver Alias: DataDirect Connect JDBC Oracle Driver
Database URL: jdbc:wm:oracle://wmprd:1521;SID=webmprd
User Id :isinternal
Password *****

But for audit pool it is same

Alias Description IS Core Audit Pool
Associated Driver Alias DataDirect Connect JDBC Oracle Driver
Database URL jdbc:wm:oracle://wmprd:1521;SID=webmprd
User Id wmiscoreaudit
Password *****

Also checked USER TAKS on both server,I can see each server has its own services there. Didn’t find service for other server.

Not able to understand why this getACLInfo error is coming.

Just a wild guess. Is there any possibility where you had IS A pointing to X schema, having a scheduler created, later having different IS B point to this X schema and have a new schema Y for IS A?

As you said USER_TASKS table in both the server has this detail, there is no way it can take the service name without having the actual service in the server. I hope, the package is not in disabled state though you might have checked this.


strange…Other than the above mentioned notes…

The other option you have is check with SAG support for better direction