Get process info in Activity IS service implementation


I have an Activity and the implementation type is an IS Service. My question is: how do I get the process instance id during execution of the IS Service.

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You should receive a put.prt:ProcessData as an input in addition of the remaining data you are already sending.

Put it on the Input/Output tab of your activity’s properties in the process view if it is not there already.

Ok, thanks.

Once ProcessData is in the input/output tab, How can I reference inside an IS service?

Remember the implementation for this activity is Is Service.



The pub.prt:ProcessData document is populated automatically by the process engine.
The document field ProcessInstanceID can be obtained automatically or can be mapped as input if called by other IS service (where it is filled automatically).

Hope this helps.

At run time the service which you are invoking in the flow service for the step will have the processData document.
You can just create reference in your IS Service and map the processInstanceID from it.