Get Mainframe Dataset Name (DSN) in program

Hello, amigos.

I know one can write an assembler program, and I assume call it from within Natural batch, to get DSN, Procname, Stepname and other batch JCL information.

However, I am hoping that Natural already has a module or function(s) to accomplish this task.

Please advise.

Thanks for your help.

They have an add-on product called Entire System Server that gives you that capability in Natural. It does all sorts of system level stuff like that. It is also comes with Natural ISPF which gives you an ISPF-like editor inside of Natural.

Thanks, Daniel, for your kind response. I don’t believe we have that add-on product.

Does anyone know if there is a module or function included in the standard installation?

Alas, there is no such functionality.

Alas and alas …


But you never know the miracle some clever guy (Oooh! Was that sexist? Mea Culpa!) has wrought. I am still hoping …

Anyone ?

you should convince your IT boss, that you need Entire System Server.

Using this tool, you can read/write Datasets or PDS members, you can submit JCL, and read Jobs from JES queue into NATURAL.

And there are many other functions with it, which are operating system related like IEBCOPY or IDCAMS interface to NATURAL.