Get HTTP method

Dear reader

I’d like to know what type of HTTP method used when calling a service.
I tried to use pub.flow:getTransportInfo but it was useless, there is nothing like method=POST or method=GET.

I wrote a service the use only the get, when the user tries to POST; I want my service to throw an exception created by me to the user.


IS tries to make the difference between the HTTP methods (and other protocols) somewhat transparent to the service. The getTransportInfo doesn’t return which method was used since the service isn’t really supposed to care.

Can you share what you’re looking to do? Perhaps there is a way other than examining the protocol details.

Actually, we are doing a REST service and we want to prevent POST

I assume you’re trying to prevent callers from using POST for for information retrieval (they should use GET). Alas, I don’t believe there is a way to enforce this. As I mentioned, the IS runtime tries to abstract away the specifics of the transport.

Perhaps someone else has an idea? Or maybe wM tech support?